FWP+: Include source in title


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    This is a sample Add-on module for FeedWordPress. When installed and activated, the module alters the titles of incoming syndicated posts so that they will include the name of the source in addition to the title of the item. (So, for example, if a post entitled Atom-Powered Robots Run Amok! is syndicated from a feed called Robot News, the post on your FeedWordPress aggregator will be entitled News Atom-Powered Robots Run Amok.

    Note that this is a sample filter which is designed to illustrate add-on development for FeedWordPress. Feel free to examine it, and if it does something useful for you, feel free to use it. But I’m not taking support requests for this add-on. If you need something similar in functionality, but more fully developed, check out my section on Customization Work.


    Version 2010.0205: FWP+: Include source in title (installation package, zip format)


    To install the add-on module, download the installation package and copy the contents to the plugins folder (./wp-content/plugins) of your WordPress installation. Once the module has been copied to your plugin directory, log in to the WordPress administrative interface, and activate the module from the WordPress Plugins page.

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