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This directory is intended to provide FeedWordPress users with an idea of how wide a variety of websites use FeedWordPress. You’re welcome to add your site using the Wiki edit tools. However, please do not submit any splogs or sites with pornographic content to this directory.


These sites use FeedWordPress to bring together content from many different sources — whether that’s sources spread out all across the web, or a hive of related blogs contained within a common WordPress MU installation.


  • Feminist Blogsfeminist blogs is a community of weblogs by self-identified feminists, women’s liberationists, womanists, and pro-feminist men. Feminist Blogs is the website I originally created FeedWordPress to manage.

  • Anarchoblogs: Anarchoblogs is a collection of blogs from self-identified anarchists, anarcho-syndicalists, anarcha-feminists, anarchists without adjectives, libertarian-socialists, autonomists and other assorted anti-statists.

  • Gangsters in Blue: A blog against paramilitary policing and prisons

  • Left libertarian views from around the web: The goal of this site is to collect the opinions, ideas, and conversations occuring in the left libertarian community in one place. aims to be the premier location for left libertarian writing and discussion in order to facilitate outreach and education.

  • Planet Atheism: Aggregating blogs by non-believers and freethinkers.

  • Myeloma Blogs Planet: The Myeloma Planet was originally created in 2005 as a list of blogs written by myeloma patients and caregivers. The planet gives readers one place to go for blog updates.

  • Planet Spaghetti Western: Aggregating various blogs about Italian Western Movies from all languages.

  • Planet Dissi: Blogs in german language about pop culture and against antisemitism and other misbeliefs.

  • Independent Bloggers Association: Is an association of Dutch bloggers.You’ll find here more than 180 blogs in the Dutch language about politics,arts,literature, photography and more


  • InJersey: a new place for New Jersey residents to share the latest goings on in their towns. In addition to news and events, this site will also be a venue for you to vote on what projects your town’s goverment should tackle next, inform authorities about everything from potholes to poor performing schools, and catch up with your neighbors.


A lifestream is a personal hub that brings together all of your life activities both online and offline from the many different web services that you use in your life (which can be anything that can produce a feed of your activity — like blogs, Twitter, Flickr,, Google Reader, and so on). For more details, see How do I use FeedWordPress to create a Lifestream?

  • Examples coming soon.


These sites include a substantial amount of original content, but use FeedWordPress to cross-post some material from another blog.

  • Fair Use Blogquotable free culture for a webbed world. Uses FeedWordPress to cross-post fair use of quotable works on other websites.

  • Las Vegas ALL Blog — supplements original announcements, news analysis, and other posts by members of Las Vegas Alliance of the Libertarian Left with cross-posts of Las Vegas-related material from the members’ own blogs.

  • The Bradley Manning Support Network website uses FeedWordPress to pull in references to Bradley Manning from Google News and Google Blog Search.

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