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    The SyndicatedPost::author() method returns an array containing data about the author of an item that FeedWordPress is syndicating into a WordPress post.


    $author = $post->author();

    // Let's do something with these. $author_name = $author[1]; $author_homepage = $author[2]; $author_email = $author[3];


    The function is declared as a method of class SyndicatedPost in the file syndicatedpost.class.php.

    class SyndicatedPost {

    // ...

    function author ();

    // ...


    Return value

    Returns an associative array containing the name, the homepage URL (if provided) and the e-mail address (if provided) for the author of the syndicated post in question, as represented on the syndication source.

    If the return value is stored in an array called $author, $author[4] contains a string representing the author’s name; $author[5] contains a string representing the URI of her homepage; and $author[6] contains a string representing her e-mail address.

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