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    Option to Leave Categories and Tags Alone on Already-Imported Posts
    Could you please add an option to exclude updating tags and categories on already downloaded posts? Right now if you go in and clean up the tags and categories the way you want, that gets blown away the next time you run a feed update.

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    1. Is there any way to limit the amount of content that gets pulled in from each feed source? It would be nice to be able to only display a paragraph or so of a given feed post with the rest available only from the original feed source to avoid any issues with respect to content theft, copyright, etc.

    2. Permalinks point to:
      The copy on the original website
      The local copy on this website

      Have this an option for each RSS feed. At the moment it is a global setting.


    3. Why can’t it just figure out whats in the feed and just do it correctly. I use a lot of affiliate links with images, videos, feature image description. So it would be nice to be able to have the title, the name of person, affiliate link to link to the video or/and any link in the post so if they click on the pic, video, it takes them to the affiliate link with of course the affiliate info. It does some of this but there are so many different rss feeds with different fields in the rss. Anyway it just driving me nuts as I am not a programmer and am very poor to say the least, but one day there will be such a program. So far the best csv plugin is wp ultimate csv importer but the pro version but they are very gready and want 149.00 per website. But so far of all the rss feeders FeedWordPress is the best free one and beats out many of the paid or none paid versions. Just wish it did more to make things easier. One is if a video is set to start when page views and I am importing the feed all the videos start playing at once. Not sure why this happens. But it should not play any videos on import of feeds. Also would be nice to have it only import a certain amount as some feeds have hundreds of articles. So when you import say 20 per hour, per day, this way can have multiple feeds from different affiliates but not get bogged down with thousands of feeds all at once. I can go on here but guess I am just talking in the air.

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