FeedWordPress 0.96 is loose

Update 2007-11-21: FeedWordPress 0.96 is now out of date. You can download the latest release — 0.991 at the time of this writing — from the project homepage.

0.96 is now available for download.[1]

[2]: http://projects.radgeek.com/download/feedwordpress-0.96.tar.gz

Version 0.96 is a feature-adding release. If there were any bugs that I eliminated between version 0.95 and now, I wasn’t diligent enough to write them down, and I don’t remember any. But I have added three features. Two are minor additions for consistency’s sake or for a minor convenience; one is a bit more significant.

* **FEATURE:** for completeness’s sake, there is now a feed setting,
`hardcode url`, that allows you to set the URI for the front page
of a contributor’s website manually (that is, prevent it from being
automatically updated from the feed channel link on each update). To
set the URI manually, put a line like this in the Link Notes section
of a feed:

hardcode url: yes

You can also instruct FeedWordPress to use hardcoded URIs by default
on all feeds using Options –> Syndication

* **FEATURE:** by default, when FeedWordPress finds new syndicated posts,
it (1) publishes them immediately, (2) turns comments off, and (3)
turns trackback / pingback pings off. You can now alter all three
default behaviors (e.g., to allow pings on syndicated posts, or to
send newly-syndicated posts to the draft pile for moderation) using
Options –> Syndication

* **FEATURE:** support has been added for enclosures in RSS 2.0 and Atom
0.6+ newsfeeds. WordPress already supports adding enclosures to an
item; FeedWordPress merely gets the information on the enclosure
from the feed it is syndicating and plugs that information directly
into the WordPress database so that (among other things) that post
will have its enclosure listed in your blog’s RSS 2 newsfeed.

Note that enclosure support requires using the optional MagpieRSS
upgrade (i.e., replacing your `wp-includes/rss-functions.php` with `OPTIONAL/wp-includes/rss-functions.php` from the FWP archive)

If you’re interested (for example, because you’re writing PHP filters and want
to know how all this is represented), here’s how it’s currently done:

Enclosures are stored in the array $item[3] as suggested
at . So the URL of the first
enclosure is $item[4][5][6]; the length is
$item[7][8][9]; and the type is

Note that these are hacked-in solutions for inherited problems with
MagpieRSS as of version 0.7. They are not guaranteed to be
forward-compatible when/if Kellan solves these problems in the official
Magpie branch in the future. If you have filters (for example) that
depend on either categories or enclosures working as they currently do,
keep an eye on the ChangeLog in future releases.

and enjoy.[13] Feel free to me know what you think(http://www.radgeek.com/contact)!

70 thoughts on “FeedWordPress 0.96 is loose

  1. can someone test FeedWordPress with this (italian) feed:

    Is a rss 1.0 feed.
    Testing on wp 1.5 and wp 1.5.1 I can’t syndicate it (but with many other aggregators I have no problems)
    The details:
    On the second step of adding the feed for syndacation if I click on the “use this feed” button, wp do nothing. Looking at the source of the page I discovered that the form action tag is empty: i.e. it doesn’t call any script.

    Can someone try it?

    Many thanks,

    Stefano G.

  2. Hi,

    I like the plug a lot and have got it working up till the point that posts are displayed. The only thing that I don’t understand is how to set the cron job in my cpanel. I used the example code but got a big crash. Please help me and tell me how to set the cron for automated updating. thanks

  3. An update on this error

    “The XML-RPC ping failed (local): transport error – HTTP status code was not 200”

    After removing all blog feeds and entering them back one by one, there were some feeds that gave errors.

    Also, after 50 blogs the error has occurred every time I update

  4. To Stefano — I replicated your problem. First syndication page shows up, but clicking “use this feed” does nothing.

    Here is the problem I’m having: I’m trying to syndicate this feed — http://www.whisperbrand.com/blog/feed — which validates and works fine in other aggregators. But when the second screen comes up, it just says “no feed found”.

    Can others replicate this error? What can I do about it? I can syndicate other feeds no problem, but not this one.


  5. Hi –

    I love your plugin, and am using it on my website at http://www.absurdness.com to merge the contents of http://pictures.absurdness.com, http://jokes.absurdness.com, and http://quotes.absurdness.com.

    However, since updating to version .96 (from .95) when I run update-feeds.php all new posts get labeled as ‘uncategorized’, even though I have gone and set the syndication options to “create any categories the post is in”.

    I’m using WordPress with your optional rss-functions.php. Any suggestions as to why this stopped working for me?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!!

  6. To Jay: many thanks. Any idea on what’s the problem?
    If I’ll get some free time this afternoon I’ll try the feed at whisperbrand and I’ll let you know the results…


  7. I’m gettign the same problem that Junap has, only when calling teh XML RPC from my normal WordPress blog to the aggregator blog I’m setting up. I look at teh error log for the aggregator blog and I’m getting
    [2005-06-03 12:41:24][feedwordpress] update(‘http://www.xtra-rant.com/’)
    [2005-06-03 12:41:24][feedwordpress] I don’t syndicate

    I don’t recall setting up a robots.txt, so is there any other reason I would be seeing this “I DOn’t syndicate” message?

    otherwise great plugin that works wonderfully.

  8. How does the plugin treat feeds that don’t have categories? Is there any name associated with them in your code? “”? “null”? are they treated as unknown categories or a whole separate beast that always goes into “Uncategorized”

    I want to be able to do a.k.a. for those “categories” (or lack of) and not sure how to go about that right now.

    Also, it would be sort of cool to, in addition to the current “unknown category” functionality of just telling it to create it or not how about telling it to create a specific category for anything from a given feed in an unknown category.

    example: my aggregator has categories named 1, 2 & 3.
    A feed has categories 1,3,4,7, and foo.

    I would like to be able to put categories 4,7 and foo from that feed into ONE category on the aggregator named “Other” or something like that.

    I suppose I coudl dig into the code, but I’ve never done WordPress plugin coding so.. maybe you’d be quicker at a feature like that.

    Otherwise great plugin. I”m just trying to bend it to my needs a bit (sory for the verbosity)

  9. I replaced MetaPlanet with FeedWordPress for Blog@USF and
    it’s working great! We have almost 1000 feeds being monitored and it is handling them just fine. I modified it to ignore the default “Hello World” post, but that has been the only change I’ve needed to make. You can see it in action here

  10. If you’re getting the “sorry, I don’t Syndicate” error message, check to see that you have syndications setup. Go into Link, Syndicated, and check.

    I beat my head up against the wall for hours until I just stumbled upon this and then realized I didn’t read the install instructions twice (after I went through them 2x).

    whew! this thing is EXACTLY what I needed. Dude you rock. Once I get it 100% completed I’ll put some $$ in the cookie jar.

  11. Looks awesome, but I have a Request for Feature Enhancement. Could you possibly make the plugin so you can specify categories for each feed? I want to use this plugin on my home page for a website I have and I want to be able to add hundreds of feeds. This would be great, thank you.

  12. I’m trying to figure out the same thing as the user above requested, which was different categories for the feeds. Any idea on how to do this; sorry, I’m near-illiterate on PHP code, so all my own hack and slashing has only caused bugs.

  13. I am having trouble displaying the link to the news source or the guid. Anyone know how to display this?

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