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I am working on version 0.99 of FeedWordPress, which I hope to release sometime in the next couple weeks. One of the less obvious changes that I hope to accomplish to clean up the internal code, which has become a bit ugly and crufty over time. One thing that I would like to overhaul, if I can do so, is the way that FeedWordPress passes information to filters. But I am not yet sure whether or not I can safely do this. **That’s where you come in.**

FeedWordPress allows you to write filters that can transform, filter out, or take actions in response to, new posts coming in. Since these filters are written in PHP, the mechanism is extraordinarily flexible if you know how to use it, but judging from the e-mail I get most people don’t yet know how to use it. (That’s something I hope to address in the future with some example scripts and better documentation. But one thing a time.)

So, here are the questions. Feel free to answer them as you see fit in the comments section or by e-mail.

1. Do you use PHP filters together with FeedWordPress (e.g. `syndicated_item` or `syndicated_post` fliters)?

2. If you do, then what do those filters do?

3. Do your filters rely on any information from the global variables `$fwp_channel` or `$fwp_feedmeta`?

4. What versions of WordPress and FeedWordPress are you using?

Answers will help me make an informed decision about what to do with FeedWordPress’s handling of filters, which will hopefully maximize benefits while minimizing headaches. Let me know!

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  1. I’m working on making a filter with syndicated_item, although since I’ve never written in PHP before it’s a bit of a struggle. What I’m basically working on is if a certain keyword appears in the title (say, “Visa” or “Mastercard”) that the article is automatically put in a certain category (say, “Credit Cards”). I may be able to figure this out myself, but any help you can provide (such as the sample filters you’re talking about) would be great.

    I’m giving you a donation today regardless — great product!

  2. Thanks for developing and supporting such a great plugin.

    I have it in use on a site but desperately need to know the exact cronjob command that I need so it auto-updates, instead of me manually updating whenever I remember.

    Ive googled and tried everything but cant get it to automatically update my site.

    Any help from the developer or you wonderful followers would be greatly appreciated as you would be saving me a huge amount of time.

    Cheers, Marc

  3. I’ve been trying to replace PlanetPlanet with FeedWordPress on my website, but there’s one feature that’s missing that’s kind of a deal-breaker for me. I’d like to be able to “collapse” multiple consecutive items in the same feed into a single post. So if I post a dozen photos to Flickr all at once, or listen to 20 songs on Last.fm, I’ll just get a single post that says “Posted ‘A really awesome tree’, and 11 more photos”.

    Planet doesn’t do this natively, but the hack was pretty trivial. Building a filter for FeedWordPress would be pretty simple if the syndicated_post action was fired in reverse order. As it is, this is a little bit challenging.

  4. I’d like to be able to filter out links if the titles contain certain key words. Is this possible?

    Would be really useful.

  5. “I am working on version 0.99 of FeedWordPress, which I hope to release sometime in the next couple weeks.”

    Its been a couple of months? Any word on the release and will this now be compatible with 2.2

    1. Yes I do infact use the filters.
    2. I use them to stick posts coming from feeds into the same categories that their feed links are in.
    3. No, but I don’t think I know about those globals. I’ll check ’em out.
    4. WordPress 2.1.3 and FWP .981

    Thanks for the awesome work.

  6. Hey,

    a great way to build a filter without the need to code php is a yahoo pipe like feed filter system. Yo

    thx for feeding me! 🙂

  7. I can’t get this to work at all in WordPress 2.2.

    I might be doing something wrong. Has anyone had success getting this to work in WP 2.2?

    If not, I may need to fins another option for embedding RSS feeds into posts on my blog.


  8. Excuse the ignorance however I am struggling to get my head around the whole concept.

    I have found a nice feed that provides plenty of content including the occasional image or video (they display in the feed) yet all I can achieve is the title, link, date and internal category all done beautifully (thank you for that) but where does the content of the post disappear to?

  9. Yes..I’m trying to write a content rewriter to work with FWP.

    For every feed coming in I want to be able to rewrite particular words. Wp O’ Matic does this, but that plugin is a disaster over all.

    The rewrite function would be the ultimate SEO feature for FWP.


  10. Is there a way to strip links from the description of the feed? I need to feed one of my blogs to another blog but don’t want any links to show up, how can this be done?

  11. any news on this? i need the image caching..

    One of my other short-to-medium term projects for FWP is to revamp the website to include better and more up-to-date documentation, along with some example scripts, especially some scripts that implement commonly-requested features like local image caching or excerpting of posts.

  12. Hi, I would like to dipslay a link to the feed home page or short description on my posts: is there a shortcode or something I can put into my theme to do this:

    Eg Article Title
    Read the original at *feed home page*, *feed description*

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