FeedWordPress 0.99 beta 2. Testers still wanted.

Update 2007-11-21: FeedWordPress 0.99b2 is now out of date. You can download the latest release — 0.991 at the time of this writing — from the project homepage.

Thanks to everyone who has been trying out first beta release of FeedWordPress 0.99(http://projects.radgeek.com/2007/09/14/feedwordpress-099-beta-1-testers-wanted/). In response to my own tests and some feedback from users, I have prepared a second beta release, FeedWordPress 0.99b2, which all are welcome to download and test out.

Again, by beta, I really mean beta, not one of those Web 2.0 perpetual beta releases. The point is to put it out there for you all to test out. You should not count on this release being in full working order. There are features due for this release that I haven’t implemented. I will implement them later. Those that I have implemented all seem to be in working order on my end of things, but everyone’s Apache/PHP/MySQL/WordPress/etc. stack is so different that it’s hard to make any promises about how it will work for you, until y’all have had some time to test it.

With that pre-amble out of the way, if you are interested in testing out the beta release, you should feel free to FeedWordPress 0.99b2[1], *read the installation instructions below*, give it a test run, and me know(http://radgeek.com/contact) how it works for you.

[2]: http://projects.radgeek.com/wp-content/download/feedwordpress-0.99b2.tar.gz

If you are installing this beta as an upgrade over FeedWordPress 0.981 or earlier, please be sure to *follow the installation instructions below*. If you have already installed 0.99b1 and are installing the new beta over that, you can just replace the old files with the new ones.

**Installation instructions:** You may have noticed that I have reorganized the file structure of the plugin. Because of this, if you have an older release of FeedWordPress installed, and intend to install the beta release over the older release, first you are going to need to go to your old installation and delete two of the old installation’s files (`wp-content/update-feeds.php` and `wp-content/feedwordpress.php`). Once this is done, create a new directory in your plugins directory, `wp-content/plugins/feedwordpress/`, and copy the new release’s plugin files to this directory. If you don’t delete the old files, then they will not get overwritten and there may be a conflict between the old and new versions. If you do not install the new files in their own directory, the menus will probably not work correctly.

Enjoy, and let me know how it works for you!

10 thoughts on “FeedWordPress 0.99 beta 2. Testers still wanted.

  1. Rad Geek,

    Your script is awesome, and just what I’ve been looking for for ages.

    However, I can’t use it because I’ve recently upgraded to WP2.3 and admin-db.php has been removed in WP 2.3.

    Any idea of timing to make FeedWordpress WP2.3 compatible?

    Many thanks

  2. Freaking brilliant!

    I’ve just found the WP2.3 compatible version – you rock man!

    Thank you so much for this fabulous plugin!


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