FeedWordPress 0.993: WordPress 2.5.1 compatibility and a couple new features

Update 2008-11-06: FeedWordPress 0.993 is now out of date. You can download the latest release — 2008.1105 at the time of this writing — from the project homepage.

version 0.993 is now available for download.[1]

[2]: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/feedwordpress/feedwordpress.0.993.zip

There are a few new features that I am in the midst of working on for an upcoming release of FeedWordPress, but I have released version 0.993 now in order to resolve critical compatability issue with WordPress 2.5.1[3]. I am still doing compatibility testing to see whether there are any kinks in compatibility with WordPress 2.5.x, but upgrading to this release should eliminate the fatal error that prevented 2.5.1 users from accessing the Syndication Options and the feed settings pages from within the WordPress pages. There are some small bug fixes and the beginning groundwork for some features that will become more fleshed out in the upcoming, more feature-rich release, which aren’t worth going into in detail; besides those, here is what’s new since FeedWordPress 0.992:

* **WORDPRESS 2.5.1 COMPATIBILITY:** FeedWordPress should now be compatible
with WordPress 2.5.1.

* **WORDPRESS 2.5 INTERFACE IMPROVEMENTS:** FeedWordPress’s Dashboard
interface has undergone several cosmetic changes that should help it
integrate better with the WordPress Dashboard interface in WordPress
version 2.5.x.

can now take advantage of WordPress’s new “Pending Review” features for
incoming syndicated posts. Posts marked as “Pending Review” are not
published immediately, but are marked as ready to be reviewed by an
Administrator or Editor, who can then choose to publish the post or
hold it back. If you want to review syndicated posts from a particular
feed, or from all feeds, before they are posted, then use
Syndication –> Syndicated Sites –> Edit or Syndication –> Options to
change the settings for handling new posts.

* **AWARE OF NEW URI FOR del.icio.us FEEDS:** Previous releases of
FeedWordPress already automatically split del.icio.us tags up
appropriately appropriately when generating categories. (del.icio.us
feeds smoosh all the tags into a single `` element,
separated by spaces; FeedWordPress un-smooshes them into multiple
categories by separating them at whitespace.) Unfortunately, del.icio.us
recently broke the existing behavior by changing host names for their
feeds from del.icio.us to feeds.delicious.com. Version 0.993 accounts
for the new host name and un-breaks the tag splitting.

[4]: http://projects.radgeek.com/2008/04/27/feedwordpress-and-wordpress-251-compatability-issue/

**If you have put off upgrading to WordPress 2.5.1 due to this bug, and plan to upgrade after installing FeedWordPress 0.993, please remember** that *after* you upgrade WordPress, will need to reinstall the FeedWordPress MagpieRSS upgrades[5] in order to keep your feed parsing from getting broken.

[6]: http://projects.radgeek.com/2008/04/18/compatability-bugs-and-possible-quick-fixes-for-issues-with-feedwordpress-after-upgrading-to-wordpress-25/

Enjoy! As I mentioned, I’m actively working on a release, probably due sometime before the end of the month, including bug fixes and a few significant new features, so let me know about any ongoing issues that you may still have.

153 thoughts on “FeedWordPress 0.993: WordPress 2.5.1 compatibility and a couple new features

  1. must we upload the trunk folder as well? cos it seems like a duplicate content with its parent directory. sorry for this noob question.

  2. First off, thanks for this great plugin – I myself am using it to get the most out of my mobile phone’s integration with Blogger.com and it’s a treat! =)

    Unfortunately I’m having a rather big problem after updating it today – I’m running WP 2.5.1 and when FWP (0.993) is active I can’t use the media uploader! I can upload f.e. new images, but when clicking show and/or hide in the dialog box nothing happens and therefor I can’t add them to my posts. =(

    Hope this is something fixable, really really really don’t want to go without you plugin! =)

  3. Jeff and taileong,

    Thanks for the reports about the weird duplicate `trunk` directory and about the PHP warning. Both of these were the result of (different) small errors in the original upload of 0.993. They have, hopefully, been fixed and merged into the stable release branch, so if you re-download and re-install version 0.993 these problems should be fixed.

    taileong, Shripriya, Patung, and Anna,

    Thanks for the reports about conflicts between FeedWordPress and the WordPress Dashboard interface. I will check these out as I work more on bringing FeedWordPress up to speed with the WordPress 2.5 Dashboard interface, and hopefully have a fix by the next release.


    The problems you’re having with embedded video are, most likely, the result of problems with the code that FWP currently uses to sanitize incoming posts. I plan to change this code out for a much more sophisticated solution in the next release, and also to provide some options within the user interface to turn sanitization off entirely, as a last resort.

    For testing purposes, would you be willing to provide me with the URI of the feed that you’re trying to syndicate which includes posts with embedded videos? It will help a lot if I have real-world test cases to run on my testbed server. You can leave the URI in comments here, or contact me privately, as you prefer.

  4. Sent you an email with the feed address. Thanks!

    Another issue I noticed. It set up a feed and it imported the last 10. Okay, good so far. Then I went in and deleted 6 of the posts. But when I next came back, it had imported those posts again (!)

    Not sure how to get around this…

  5. This is not specific to this version, but..the plugin adds two javascript calls on all pages of the site, thickbox and I think the other is jquery or something like that.

    Are they necessary for the front-end display of posts that have been generated by the plugin?

    If I removed the calls would that make the back-end functionality impossible?

    I can find the thickbox call in the plugin files, I can’t seem to find the jquery one, which file would I need to edit to remove it? Thanks!

  6. I’m facing the same problem as Anna as well; the able to upload images to WP Media Library but unable to insert them into post (Show button doesn’t work).

    Also, I am unable to Find Feed from blogs by Blogger but works pretty fine with WordPress blogs. Finding feed for Blogger blogs return “no feed found”, thus I was unable to import future posts from them.

    And yes, this is by far a very fabulous plugin =) Thanks Rad Geek for creating this plugin to people who needs it.

  7. I recently upgraded to wp 2.5.1 and the new feedwordpress version as well.
    Feedwordpress does not work for me. When I add a new feed, it does not show it in the feed list. I get a message that the feed has been added, but when I go to the syndication site again, the feed list is empty.

  8. The AJAX interface to manage the widgets is not working since I updated the feedwordpress plugin.


  9. Very nice plugin!! Hows does one delete a draft and keep it deleted? Each time new articles arrive the ones I had previously deleted reappear.

    Thanks again!

  10. Strangely, FWP seems to kill the flash widget manager – I can’t drag and drop the sidebar items when FWP is enabled.

  11. Hi. Great plugin. I’m using it since several months ago. I saw you said you are working on new features. I have a suggestion for you. Can you make it ignore duplicate title items and not post them? You know WP ads a “-1” or “-2” and so on if it finds a duplicate title item. Thank you for your work.

  12. I’m running WP 2.5.1 and I installed the latest FWP (0.993), but I’m still not seeing the list of syndicated sites, so I can set options for them or run the Update. I can add a feed, and it confirms that it has been successfully added, but there’s no list, and it says, “There are no websites currently listed for syndication.” When I click Update, I get this error: “Error: There was a problem updating”.

  13. This release coupled with a new install of WordPress 2.5.1 fixed the duplicate post issue that drove me (and quite a few others) nuts over the past several months. For anyone that’s still having that problem, upgrades only made it worse for me, start fresh.

    A huge thanks to Rad Geek for this release, and especially the next one which will hopefully fix the image insertion issue in the WP 2.5 admin πŸ™‚

  14. I’m having the same problem as others. The ability to drag and drop widgets is stopped after install of this plugin.

  15. Rad Geek – thanks again for this plugin. It is huge!

    One other issue I am having – as I mentioned, the plugin doesn’t pull the videos from the feed. So I go in and insert the video code myself. That causes all of the formatting to break entirely. πŸ™

  16. Thanks again for a great plug-in, Rad Geek! Upgrading to 0.993 and WP 2.5.1 seems to have fixed my problems with duplicate posts and changes getting blown away (so far — 24 hours and counting).

    One new problem has shown up: It looks like FeedWordPress is interfering with the new WP media manager. A LOT of people are having problems with WP 2.5’s new way of inserting images into posts with the media manager. This post details troubleshooting:


    I followed these instructions, updated everything, and disabled all my plug-ins. It’s FWP that is preventing the image insertion from functioning in WP 2.5.1.

    In #4 in the linked post, the moderator indicates that “any plugin loading its own jQuery can cause the issue.” Hope this helps to fix. Thanks again!

  17. Follow-up: I wonder if this is also what is keeping the WP Dashboard boxes blank. When I disable FWP, the Dashboard works as it should.

  18. follow up – FWP imports the RSS, but if I touch the post, it breaks all the formatting and I have to go in and put at the end of every line. so, I think it is not reading the RSS properly with all the formatting.

    anyway – just trying to give you enough data for this fabulous plugin πŸ™‚

    thanks again.

  19. @Shripriya: yeah, but I find it acceptable because if we aggregate posts, we aren’t supposed to modify the content of the aggregated post, but I guess its still considered a bug πŸ™‚

    by the way, does anyone encounter problems aggregating posts from blogspot blogs? Funny thing is I have no problem aggregating posts from WordPress blogs. This issue only happened after upgradin from 0.992 to 0.993.


  20. Not sure if anyone else has had an issue with Alex King’s Popularity Contest, but for me, when activated it kills all the custom fields from Feedwordpress when new content is syndicated.

    I was only able to test and identify this in WP 2.3.3 with FWP 0.993. I’ll try it with WP 2.5.1 when I get a chance.

    Popularity Contest is quite the (ready?) popular plugin (I’m so damn funny). πŸ™‚ So this could be a much needed fix if it’s an issue with FWP.

  21. i mean after uprading to 0.993 and adding tags Technorati and others are well pinged but they dont
    index my posts anymore. When i write a new post myself the post is indexed.

  22. WP : 2.6.2
    plugin : 0.993
    Been working with this plugin a while now.
    It works nicely, with some hickups.

    But since i upgraded to 2.6.2 it does not import feeds properly. Here is my brakedown:

    I have got a feed on feedburner. This feeds has youtube videos (embed). (http://feeds.feedburner.com/JaskksBlog)

    1) When this feed gets imported automatically the embed code is not imported.
    2) When i click the “update” button in the admin section, nothings happens
    3) when i check this feed and then click on the “Update checked Links” button, the feed gets imported properly with the video embed code.

    I am using the custom rss.php files that were supplied with this plugin.

  23. I’ve had a mostly FWP-powered blog for several years (i.e. I don’t really blog on it, I just pull my blog posts from other places). Foolishly upgraded to 2.6.3 without checking FWP status first. I’m not having any luck updating feeds: when I hit update, I get the message “There was a problem updating” and nothing happens. Any advice?

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