FeedWordPress 2011.0602: More compatibility fixes, fewer duplicated posts

2011.0602 is now available for download.(http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/feedwordpress.2011.0602.zip). This is a follow-up to release(http://feedwordpress.radgeek.com/blogs/radgeek/2011/05/31/feedwordpress-20110531-wordpress-313-compatibility-issue-producing-duplicat); it fixes a couple of bugs, and covers a couple of important new edge cases, related to the identification of previously syndicated posts. If you continued to get duplicate posts even after upgrading to 2011.0531, or if you were seeing posts oddly reassigned or copied with a different post status (for example, posts unexpectedly being restored from the trash can, or unexpectedly reappearing as Drafts), then this release may help get rid of these problems.

Here are the major changes since Version 2011.0531:

* **WP 3.1.3 COMPAT / BUGFIX: WHITESPACE IN GUIDS NO LONGER PRODUCES DUPLICATE POSTS.** The work-around for handling filtered URIs in guid elements has now been extended to handle URIs that were filtered because of leading or trailing whitespace, in addition to URIs that were filtered because of unapproved schemes.

* **WP 3.1.3 COMPAT / BUGFIX: RELATIVE URLS IN GUIDS NO LONGER PRODUCE DUPLICATE POSTS.** The work-around for handling filtered URIs in guid elements has now been extended to handle URIs that were altered without being filtered out entirely (most commonly because a scheme was added to a relative URL).

* **BUGFIX: UPDATES TO POST NO LONGER CAUSE DUPLICATE DRAFT VERSION TO APPEAR.** Under certain conditions in 2011.0531, an update to an existing post would not be properly applied to the post itself, but rather would appear as a duplicate post with Draft status. This bug has been eliminated, and updates will now be properly inserted as revisions to the existing post.

*If,* after making this upgrade, you continue to experience serious compatibility problems with WP 3.1.3, especially including duplicate posts, please me(http://feedwordpress.radgeek.com/contact) with as detailed as possible a description of what you’re seeing. It will help out a lot if you can include the following diagnostic information:

1. The specific URL(s) of the feed or feeds where you are encountering the problem;

2. An indication of whether you are seeing the problem on all your feeds, or seeing it on some feeds but not on others; and whether you are seeing it on all posts from the affected feeds, or just seeing it on some posts but not on others;

3. The update method that you are using (automatic updates before page load, after page load, manual updates from within the WordPress interface, a cron job…); and

4. Any FeedWordPress-related add-ons you may be using, if any, or any significant special settings you may have set under Syndication –> Posts & Links (for example, whether you have set syndicated posts to come in as Drafts or hold them as Pending, rather than publishing immediately; whether you are making any use of Custom Post Types under the Advanced settings; etc.).

*If* everything looks alright on your end — and I think that this changes should fix most of the issues that have thus far been reported to me — then great. As usual, any other issues you may have with the release, or any other questions I can help answer, or anything that you would like to see included in a future release, are all good reasons to me a line(http://feedwordpress.radgeek.com/contact) and let me know how I can help you. And as always, your ongoing gifts from the FWP user community to project tip jar(http://feedwordpress.radgeek.com/donate), besides being generous and immensely kind and an ongoing source of real and sustaining gratitude for me as a developer, are also what make ongoing development, timely fixes, and support for FeedWordPress possible.

Now y’all get out of here and the new release(http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/feedwordpress.2011.0602.zip).

40 thoughts on “FeedWordPress 2011.0602: More compatibility fixes, fewer duplicated posts

  1. Still getting duplicates, but only with some rss feeds. I’ll try to sort out which and what might be different about them, then report back. I am also finding that add-ons “FWP+: Limit size of posts” and “FWP+: Limit size of posts:Read More Link” are no longer working for me. Not sure when this happened, but I uploaded the latest versions today to be sure I had the latest.

    Other than these minor issues, a very nice plugin you’ve created. Thanks!

  2. Charles, HUNDREDS duplicates making the plugin almost useless, I’m spending my time cleaning up the duplicates from the database

  3. I have been having a problem with this and the last couple of update (in very recent times).

    The CRON job are all running fine, and I am seeing the “claim” that it is updating. But unless I use the manual update it does not ACTUALLY get new feeds.

  4. I am experiencing the same issue. Prior to the upgrade, I had NO problems whatsoever with FWP. Since the upgrade to the latest version, FWP is not updating automatically. I was using the cron option (which as I mentioned had worked perfectly), but now it is not working. I tried using the other options to get feeds automatically, but they aren’t working either.

    I have also been experiencing the problem where posts that were there previously have suddenly disappeared. Again, this never happened with the previous version.

    Seems to be some pretty major issues with this version 🙁

  5. I am now seeing duplicates as well… Is there any way to back out this updated version of the plugin to a previous version? This is making a real mess.

  6. Having the same issues as other commentators – not just duplicates but in the last scans it just keeps adding the last item multiple times! It had created 258 posts originally now it is duplicating them all to 500+ !

    The WORSE issue though is that the plug-in has erased all my manual pages (5) AND posts (8) and without a recent backup they are gone from mySQL?! This is so frustrating – hours of work on some of them & yes should have backed them up, blah blah…

    Time to deactivate

  7. This update seems to have solved all my issues.

    Now, the only thing left is to remove about 40000 duplicate posts and 20000 drafts. How can I do this using sql?

    Is it possible to delete only the posts that have the exact same meta data? Please help!

  8. When using: feedwordpress Version 2011.0602

    I found that setting the:
    “How long should FeedWordPress wait between updates before it considers this feed ready to be polled for updates again?”
    Changes the setting for only some of the feeds, others keep fetching the feed once every 60 minutes. I can not tell which is changed when.

    But I see in the syndication page, many feeds reading “update on schedule (every 60 minutes)” (Although the site wide time was set differently…
    And also “Ready for next update every 60 minutes” in the main feed page.

    I poked through the code and couldn’t find what is causing this…

    Any ideas how to solve it?


  9. Sorry, but I have still face problem of duplicate posts in most of my websites.

  10. This happens after upgrading to word press 3.2
    I have tried to deactivate the plugin and active but still get error message.
    Check currently scheduled feeds for new and updated posts.
    Fatal error: Call to undefined method WP_SimplePie_File::WP_SimplePie_File feedwordpress.php on line 1841

  11. This has been a disaster. Not only am I getting duplicates and updates that never complete properly, but now I have also lost other posts that I put up on the site myself, and now even the display of the syndicated posts has changed. The post headlines used to have the format “Post headline (from Blog Name)”… I discovered today that the (from Blog name) section is no longer being added. I wish I had never updated!

  12. Since we get little or no support at all, although being donator, while keeping getting tons duplicates, I had to remove FWP from my production site.

    FWP now lies in a test environment where it can do what it wants since the production server & database are elsewhere.
    I have developed a script that simply emails me whenever a new post is pulled out from FWP, then it’s up to me weather to publish or not the post in the “clean” environment using a custom form.

    Sorry Charles, but after cleaning 8,000 duplicates, I gave up!

    Take care 🙂

  13. Hi when an update (manual) is done and a duplicate post happens it deletes a page. I have deactivated every plugin and even changed the theme so I would imagine it is this plugin at fault. It does not happen EVERY time but quite often

  14. Why dont you use the erase duplicate pligin? it automatically removes duplicates.

    My problem is this plugin keeps deleting pages which is a serious problem

  15. Why dont you use the erase duplicate pligin? it automatically removes duplicates.

    My problem is this plugin keeps deleting pages which is a serious problem

  16. thanks for editing the code of FWP your plugin is amazing and realy do a good job for my site

  17. Installation of WP 3.2 has broken FWP. Following error on update attempts.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method WP_SimplePie_File::WP_SimplePie_File() in directory/names/removed/etc/wp-content/plugins/feedwordpress/feedwordpress.php on line 1841

  18. once again, great work.

    Having upgraded to WordPress 3.2, I’ve found that adding feeds producing a blank screen. Is that just me?

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