FeedWordPress 2011.0706: WordPress 3.2 compatibility, better performance

version 2011.0706 is now available for download.(http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/feedwordpress.2011.0706.zip).

This release has two major functions: first, to provide compatibility with the most recent release of WordPress, WordPress 3.2. If you encountered a fatal error like this:

Call to undefined method WP_SimplePie_File::WP_SimplePie_File()
in [1]/wp-content/plugins/feedwordpress/feedwordpress.php
on line 1841.

… then this release should eliminate that problem.

Second, to provide some significant performance improvements, mainly in the SQL queries used to determine whether incoming syndicated posts have been previously syndicated, or whether they represent new content. If you’ve been having CPU, memory or other database-related problems with the most recent couple releases of FeedWordPress, this update may offer some relief.

In addition, this release provides some important bugfixes related to sticky posts and duplicate post issues.

Here are the major changes since Version 2011.0602:

* **WP 3.2 COMPATIBILITY: ELIMINATES FATAL ERROR** “Call to undefined method
WP_SimplePie_File::WP_SimplePie_File() in
[2]/wp-content/plugins/feedwordpress/feedwordpress.php on line 1841.” The
latest release of WordPress, version 3.2, has shifted the minimum
requirements up to PHP 5.2, and in line with the shift to PHP5 they have
rewritten a number of code segments that made use of now-obsolete PHP4
idioms. Unfortunately, this caused a fatal error whenever FeedWordPress
attempted to make use of the cache, since FWP’s caching plugin was written
to match the older idiom. FeedWordPress has been updated to follow the new,
PHP5 idiom when possible, thus eliminating the fatal error.

* **PERFORMANCE:** The handling of queries to determine whether posts had been
previously syndicated produced some very slow queries (usually, but not
always, involving a scan over the MD5(post_guid) column of the table). The
code that prepares MySQL queries for previously-syndicated checks has been
revised to eliminate the MD5(post_guid) scan entirely, and to significantly
improve performance by eliminating other unnecessary clauses.

* **BUGFIX: NO LONGER DESTROYS STICKY POSTS.** Previous versions could destroy
(or, more precisely, replace the content of) sticky posts due to some
queries mashed together in unexpected ways by WordPress. Version 2011.0706
accounts for and eliminates the problem; your sticky posts should be safe
once again.

POSTS TO APPEAR.** One remaining source of duplicate post issues in 2011.0602
was guids that contained characters that needed to be escaped for MySQL,
such as single quotes and double quotes. The work-around for handling
filtered URIs has now been corrected to ensure that these do not cause
duplicate posts.

If, after making this upgrade, you experience (or continue to experience) any serious issues with WP 3.1.3-3.1.4 or with WP 3.2, please me(http://feedwordpress.radgeek.com/contact) with as detailed as possible a description of what you’re seeing. It will help out a lot if you can include the following diagnostic information. (If you don’t include it, you’ll probably just get an e-mail back from me asking you to provide it.)

1. The versions of WordPress and FeedWordPress you’re currently using.

2. The specific URL(s) of the feed or feeds where you are encountering the problem;

3. An indication of whether you are seeing the problem on all your feeds, or seeing it on some feeds but not on others; and whether you are seeing it on all posts from the affected feeds, or just seeing it on some posts but not on others;

4. The update method that you are using (automatic updates before page load, after page load, manual updates from within the WordPress interface, a cron job…); and

5. Any FeedWordPress-related add-ons you may be using, if any, or any significant special settings you may have set under Syndication –> Posts & Links (for example, whether you have set syndicated posts to come in as Drafts or hold them as Pending, rather than publishing immediately; whether you are making any use of Custom Post Types under the Advanced settings; etc.).

Please remember that your ongoing gifts to project tip jar(http://feedwordpress.radgeek.com/donate), besides being immensely kind, and very much appreciated, and an ongoing source of real satisfaction for which I am deeply greatful, are also what make it possible for me to take out the time for ongoing development, timely fixes, and support for the FeedWordPress project.

Now get on out there and out the new release(http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/feedwordpress.2011.0706.zip).

18 thoughts on “FeedWordPress 2011.0706: WordPress 3.2 compatibility, better performance

  1. I am not sure why there are not any comments about this latest release several days after release. I am getting all the issues reported with the last version.

    I am running WP 3.1.3 and I am getting duplicate posts created – it seems to ignore the date of the post a lot of the time and post it as a new post. With some posts it says post was updated but it is actually making a new version of it every time. (I have the setting for update the original post).
    Also, my cron was working fine and now it doesn’t run. Even when I hit the page directly for ?update_feedwordpress=1 it doesn’t run. Even though it is set to manual,last time I logged in it ran the update process as if it was automatic.

    I attempted a downgrade and I was still getting duplicate issues. Can you tell us why when a downgrade is attempted it still doesn’t work? Do the latest versions change something else in the file system or database that is not reversed when the plugin is removed and replaced with an older version – I was using 10.0602 which worked perfectly.


  2. Dear Radgeek,

    I have problem in filtering some sentences inside articles produced by the Feedwordpress plugins which usually i can filter them with wp content filter.

    sentence like this:
    Powered By WizardRSS.com | Full Text RSS Feed | Amazon Plugin | Settlement Statement | WordPress Tutorials

    Please help how to solve this problem

    Best regards

  3. Hi, I’ve been wanting to post new feeds on my self hosted wordpress blog. I think this is the perfect tool for the job. Thank you so much!! 🙂 I wish I could repay you somehow – I guess a linkback will suffice. Have a good day from joygoround.com 😉

  4. Where is the Continue reading link inserted? I mean, where in the plugin is this set?

    Bc right now I have some posts with two links. And some posts with just one link. I would also like to change the text on the link – so where would I do that?

    Thanks so much!

  5. WordPress extend plugins reports a new version 2011.0721 but it’s not mentioned here on RadGeek’s site. I’ll hold off installing until I see it’s official.

    Can anyone confirm it?

    When I tested it (not extensively) it reintroduced the bug fixed in 2011.0706 “Call to undefined method WP_SimplePie_File::WP_SimplePie_File() […] on line 1841”

  6. with this latest update, feedwordpress is still working well (updates are coming every 2hours), but the syndicated feeds are missing from feedpress panel (in admin.php?page=feedwordpress/syndication.php), thank you.

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