FeedWordPress 2011.1019. HTTP Authentication support improved, bug causing HTTP transport error for some users squashed

Today I put out an incremental release, v. 2011.1019(http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/feedwordpress.2011.1019.zip), which is now for download(http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/feedwordpress.2011.1019.zip).

This release was intended mainly to provide a quick fix for a problem that some users encountered after installing yesterday’s release, 2011.1018. Users whose web hosting environments have the curl module for PHP installed got an important new feature — the ability to set usernames and passwords on feeds to use with HTTP Basic or HTTP Digest authentication. Users who didn’t have the curl module unfortunately got a bug, which caused error messages like “WP HTTP Error: There are no HTTP transports available which can complete the requested request.” to pop up. If you’ve been seeing an error message like that, this release should hopefully fix your problem.

While I had my hands in the code, I went ahead and did some general work to improve the interface and better generalize the HTTP authentication feature for users who do not have the curl module installed. (Most web hosts install it, but not all.) You should hopefully now find the process of adding an authenticated feed much more natural: just put the URL into the Subscribe box and tell FeedWordPress to check it out; when FWP detects that the feed requests login credentials, it will come back and suggest that you enter a username and password before subscribing. When you enter the credentials and re-check the feed, FeedWordPress will allow you to subscribe and immediately set up those credentials for future feed updates. I hope it should all be fairly straightforward, but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Here’s the official changelog for this release:

support for HTTP Basic and Digest authentication in version 2011.1018
contained a bug that could cause HTTP requests for feeds or for other
WordPress resources to break down if you do not have the PHP curl module
installed. This bug has been fixed, and these errors should no longer

* **IMPROVED HTTP AUTHENTICATION SUPPORT:** In addition, the HTTP Authentication
support in FeedWordPress has been extended, to ensure that Basic
authentication is available in many web host configurations, and to allow
you to add a username and password for a feed immediately when you
subscribe to it.

As always, if you notice any problems, have any questions, need any help, or just want to say “Hi,” don’t hesitate to me a line(http://feedwordpress.radgeek.com/contact) via e-mail or through the comment form.

Please remember that your ongoing gifts to the tip jar(/donate), besides being immensely kind, and very much appreciated, are also what make it possible for me to take out the time for ongoing development, timely fixes, and support for the FeedWordPress project.

Now get on out there and out the new release(http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/feedwordpress.2011.1019.zip).

16 thoughts on “FeedWordPress 2011.1019. HTTP Authentication support improved, bug causing HTTP transport error for some users squashed

  1. hi, I’ve just installed your plugin but can’t seem to find a way to post the items found in the RSS-feed as a digest. Example: Get the last 10 articles into 1 post and call it a daily digest. Is this possible? If not, I’d like to request it as a feature 🙂

  2. hi there, is there a way to make feedwordpress syndicate posts which have a video stream player in them? i am using streamvideoplayer plugin but when i import posts using said plugin it says: “(Video: Watch this video on the post page)” I want that to go and for it to show the actual video player… Help please! thank you!

  3. some feeds produce duplicate posts. Is there any way to figure that?

    Syndication Issues encountered by FeedWordPress 2011.1019:

    Item [http://www.XYZ.] “titel” is a duplicate of an existing post.

  4. Hi! While upgrading WordPress to 3.3, your plugin caused the following error on one of my sites:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class WPFeedCache

    So I went through the usual routine: disable plugin, re-enable it again, download a fresh version (who knows, the old one might have been corrupted), disable all plugins and have just FeedWordPress active, and so forth. To no avail: on that particular website, the error is always thrown. I’ve checked, and none of the plugins applies the filter to WPFeedCache — FeedWordPress is the only one.

    Intriguingly enough, on a different site where I also use FeedWordPress the upgrade to WP 3.3 did not affect it at all. Both run PHP 5.3 and W3 Total Cache (which might play havoc with cache feeds under certain circumstances). But of course the site with the error has a different number of plugins, namely, other plugins which also use RSS feeds to display them on a widget. This might be the source of conflict; FeedWordPress just happens to be the only one throwing an error.

    There was just one way to “fix” it. I went to /wp-includes/class-feed.php and before each class is declared I added if (!classexists(‘….’) {} clauses for each. I’ve done that for WPFeedCache, WPFeedCacheTransient and WPSimplePieFile. Once I finished that, I got access to the backoffice again, no errors, and FeedWordPress was working fine. Of course, as soon as WP gets upgraded again, I’ll very likely experience the same errors once more… 🙁

    So what I think that is happening is that FeedWordPress is using its own FeedCache class, based on its own SimplePie, and the redeclarations are conflicting with WP’s own. I have this very vague memory that years ago, when I first installed FeedWordPress, I sort of had an option to say “use WP’s own SimplePie or FeedWordPress’s own”. This option is not available any more (or perhaps I’m just getting confused with other plugins), but I see that there are lots of files related to MagPie and SimplePie under the FeedWordPress plugin directory. So, is FeedWordPress using its own *pie class and would it be possible in a future version of FeedWordPress to add extra checks to see if some other plugin has already plugged itself into the RSS/FeedCache/SimplePie mechanism and avoid throwing an error? (assuming that’s what’s causing the error, of course)

    • Sorry about the bad formatting, I only noticed after posting that you’re using Textile to format comments 🙂 Nevertheless I think that the text is readable, even though the class names have become italicized instead of showing underscores 🙂

  5. Happy Holidays to all!

    I recently started using your plugin on some of my sites. It was working great until the new wp release. Since then I get an errror message on all the sites i upgraded. Whenever i go to the feedpress admin page, the page looks a mess and the following message is displayed along the top of the page (I xxxxxx out the domain name and user name below):

    “Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/xxxx/publichtml/xxxxxxxxxxx.com/wp-includes/general-template.php:2101) in /home/xxxx/publichtml/xxxxxxxxxxx.com/wp-includes/functions.php on line 861

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/xxxx/publichtml/xxxxxxxxxxx.com/wp-includes/general-template.php:2101) in /home/xxxx/publichtml/xxxxxxxxxxx.com/wp-includes/functions.php on line 862

    Any way this can be fixed?

  6. Hi,

    I’m still getting all posts duplicated on WordPress 3.3.1, with the 2011-1019 version of the plugin. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you fix this issue, cause it’s a big one for me 🙂


  7. Since this upgrade, Feedwordpress is importing duplicate posts from the syndicated blogs. Can you fix this please…impacting all my websites….thanks a lot!

  8. Hi
    The moment I started using this plug-in by fetching RSS data from 25 different sources I noticed a considerable increase of memory usage (about 700MB!!)
    Is this something normal caused by the plug-in?
    How could I deal with that?


  9. Hey Charles,

    Yes, it would appear the latest combo of FWP 2011.1019 and WordPress 3.3.1 re-introduced a duplication bug.

    I’m not quite sure what the cause is, but am happy to provide whatever info you might need from one of my many duplication cases.

    Thanks as ever for all your hard work on FWP.


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