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    Users with large numbers of feeds may be interested in a feature to allow for alternative storage for SimplePie cache data from syndicated feeds. By default, the version of SimplePie packaged with WordPress stores cache data in temporary records within the existing WordPress database options table. However, for very large FeedWordPress installations this policy can cause performance problems, or sometimes even memory constraint crashes (if WordPress attempts to load the options records into memory). Fortunately, SimplePie is very extensible, and with a bit of custom coding it would be easy to create an add-on module that would extend SimplePie to allow for alternative storage for cache data that does not depend on large records in wp_options. In particular:

    1. Where possible, external caching would be eliminated entirely in favor of an ultra-lightweight format that only stores the minimum amount that FeedWordPress needs to verify that a feed has not changed since the last request.

    2. Users would have the option to store cache data in a separate database table, unconnected to the options table;

    3. Users would have the option to store cache data in an entirely separate database; and

    4. Users would have the option to store cache data outside of the database entirely, in flat files on the file system.

    If you are interested in an add-on module that would enable you to take advantage of alternative cache formats and locations from within the FeedWordPress admin interface, then consider contributing to fund the development project. Like so:


    I can begin work as soon as the time for working on the project is fully funded at US $150.00.

    Once work begins, within 3-4 business days, the add-on module should be coded, tested, made available, and announced publicly. All contributors will be notified immediately once the add-on module is made available for download.

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