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    Objects of class SyndicatedLink represent a source from which FeedWordPress syndicates posts. The class includes both methods to retrieve information about the feed, and also methods to carry out certain actions (such as polling a feed for new or updated posts).


    class SyndicatedLink {
        function SyndicatedLink ($link); // constructor
        function found ();

    function setting ($name, $fallback_global = NULL, $fallback_value = NULL); function hardcode ($what); function syndicated_status ($what, $default, $fallback = true); function save_settings ($reload = false);

    function uri (); function homepage ($fromFeed = true); function name ($fromFeed = true);

    function poll ($crash_ts = NULL); function stale (); function ttl ();

    function set_uri ($url); function deactivate (); function delete (); function nuke (); function map_name_to_new_user ($name, $newuser_name); }
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    1 thought on “SyndicatedLink

    1. If you’re looking for a way to pull the user IDs for a link, here’s a quick and dirty method:

      $author_obj = new SyndicatedLink($bookmark->link_id);
      $author_id = current($author_obj->settings['map authors']['name']);

      Note that if multiple users have been created for a feed, you’ll need to walk through the $author_obj->settings['map authors']['name'] array to grab all the IDs.

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