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        Version: 2014.0807 
        Author: Charles Johnson
        Author URI:
        License: GPL

    add_filter( /*hook=*/ 'syndicated_post_slug', /*function=*/ 'fwp_grab_slug_from_feed', /*order=*/ 10, /*arguments=*/ 2 );

    /** * fwp_grab_slug_from_feed: Gets the slug to use for a post from a custom * feed element called <post_name>...</post_name> * * @param string $slug The current slug (if any) for the incoming post * @param SyndicatedPost $post An object representing the syndicated post. * The syndicated item data is contained in $post->item * The syndication feed channel data is contained in $post->feed * The subscription data is contained in $post->link * @return string The slug to assign to the syndicated post, or NULL to generate * a slug using WordPress's default procedure. */ function fwp_grab_slug_from_feed ($slug, $post) { $pn = $post->query('/post_name'); if (count($pn) > 0) : $slug = reset($pn); endif; return $slug; }
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