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    Class: SyndicatedLink

    The SyndicatedLink::nuke() method allows you to scrub any record of a subscription that FeedWordPress is or was syndicating content from, including not only the subscription but also any posts that had been syndicated from it. . Unlike SyndicatedLink::deactivate, the nuke() method erases the record of the subscription, and also deletes all the posts that were previously syndicated from the feed.


    If you have the numeric ID of a feed you want to mark as deactivated in the variable $link_id. (Danger: This code, if executed, will potentially erase a lot of content from the blog. Proceed with caution, and only with adequate backups.)

     $linkObj = new SyndicatedLink($link_id);

    See also

    • SyndicatedLink::deactivate() deactivates a subscription, so that FeedWordPress will stop syndicating new content from that feed, but leaves intact all the posts previously syndicated from that feed.
    • SyndicatedLink::delete() erases the record of a feed and treats all the posts previously syndicated from that feed as if they were local content.
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