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    In order for your FeedWordPress-enabled website to display information that will set off syndicated posts from original posts, or will provide attribution information about the original source of syndicated posts, you need to have a WordPress theme which takes advantage of the special template tags for syndicated posts that FeedWordPress makes available. That means developing your own theme, or editing the template files in an existing theme to use syndication-related template tags, or installing a pre-made theme designed for use with FeedWordPress. The purpose of this page is to provide a gallery of example themes designed for use with FeedWordPress — which you can either use as a drop-in theme for your aggregator site, or which you can look over as an example to help you learn about templating for FeedWordPress installations and inspire your own designs.

    Available themes

    This is a basic modification of Kubrick (the default WordPress theme), which has been customized to include source information for posts that have been syndicated through FeedWordPress. (Details) (Download)

    Themes to be made available soon

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    4 thoughts on “Themes designed for FeedWordPress

    1. has anybody had issues with the catalyst theme and feedwordpress? i’m trying to launch my site with this theme and now i’m getting 10-20 copies of posts from as far back as a month ago. i’m spending hours cleaning up the dupes only to see the same ones and new ones duplicated in the next update. Please HELP!!

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