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    This page is a stub — a promissory note for future content. Eventually there will be a nice, detailed page here with all kinds of information about Configuration. In the meantime, there are just bits and scraps.

    Configuring categories and tags

    One thing that you need to decide is whether you want the categories on incoming posts to be imported as WordPress Categories or as WordPress Tags. The default is to treat them as categories, which works for most common cases. But if you’d prefer new syndicated categories to be brought in as Tags rather than as Categories, you can change that here.

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    1 thought on “Configuration How-To

    1. hey. amazing plugin. just what i needed and better than all the paid premium ones. i have a bunch of feeds that i syndicated with FWP that i want to delete but none of the unsubscribe links and buttons work, they all seem to be dead links. I tried reinstalling the plugin from scratch (and resetting my database) but all my syndicated feeds are still there. Is this a bug?

      Any help would be appreciated


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